Chuan Spa

Chuan Spa understand the most effective cure for stress is not to be found on the shelves of local pharmacies, but deep within. With its roots stretching back thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes the human body comprises two opposing yet mutually dependant halves – Yin and Yang.

Emphasising a holistic approach to a spa retreat, TCM strives to create an optimal balance of the Five Wu Xing elements: fire, water, earth, metal and wood, that empower these physical and mental forces. Today, TCM’s unique ability to harmonise the body and soul, and enrich the capacity for personal happiness and fulfillment, is continuing to enhance the lives of millions of people world wide.

The guiding principles behind the proprietary TCM-inspired therapies used at the spas date back to a time when our ancestors were more finely attuned to nature than we can ever be. Using energy flows, basic elemental forces and the influence of heat and cold, our expert TCM consultants will help you achieve an optimal balance of your body’s contrasting elements. Our ultimate objective is to offer spa treatments that will leave you looking and feeling more restful and relaxed than you ever dreamt possible.