The ProVenue system has been developed to combat the growing issue of high staff turnover and low productivity within the hospitality industry. The revolving door culture of a temporary workforce who have not been trained simply highlights the current skill gap issues and lack of staff retention.

In their Skills and Productivity Problem Report for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, people first identified that the sector has a major employee retention problem which costs £274m annually. They also identified that 21% of staff in the industry lacked essential skills in comparison to just 15% of all UK businesses.

This high employee turnover has left businesses 58% less productive than those in other sectors such as manufacturing. This is why ProVenue was developed, to save money and to make money.

We have created a product that allows for virtual induction using concepts such as online show rounds, video training and customized orientation saving companies time and money in new hire training. We’ve developed a core group of E Learning short courses including subjects such as Wine Appreciation, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage, Barista, Bar Tending, House Keeping, Front Office, Porter & Valet Services and many others. These are all available through our easy to use Learning Management System for employees to take at any time either at home or at work.

On top of this we have developed a suite of tools to help with the everyday management of a venue that include a Performance Manager, Incident Manager, Audit Inspection Manager, Vendor Manager and Learning Manager. Our fully interactive Appraisal System is cloud based and can be linked directly to our training courses to allow for ongoing development. ProVenue makes everything simple, easy and cost effective to help with high staff turnover and lack of investment felt by many employees. There is no other system out there offering the flexibility or functionality.

Finally, our organization has a passion for the environment and our courses can help our clients reduce the impact they have on the environment by raising awareness of the impact of poor energy management and the uncontrolled use of natural resources.